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Have you been watching the news or reading a newspaper lately? If so, you know that cyber attacks are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. Companies everywhere now realize that they need to be proactive to prevent their company’s name and reputation from being tarnished by negative press, the loss of intellectual property and revenue.

  • Detailed Cybersecurity Threat Assessment of your IT infrastructure


We provide expert level training and coaching for your staff and executives to ensure they are aware of the various cybersecurity risks that are prevalent today. Whether you require a large or small group training, even one-on-one, we provide comprehensive training sessions that will elevate your security posture and help thwart hackers from gaining
access to your sensitive corporate environment.

  • Executive Cyber Security Training
  • Staff Cyber Security Training


Most companies do not employ a fulltime Chief Information Security Officer, chances are you are one of them. This means that small and medium-sized companies are already at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting their networks and infrastructure from hackers. As your virtual CISO/CIO, we can assist with all facets of Information Security,
ensuring that your business is protected and doing everything it can to prevent hackers from accessing your systems.

  • Onsite Virtual CISO/CIO
  • Risk assessments & audits
  • Vendor assessment & technology due diligence

Top Five Web Attack Toolkits In 2015

  • Angler 23%
  • Nuclear 6%
  • RIG 4%
  • Magnitude 2%
  • Neutrino 1%
  • Other 64%

Windows OS Preferred Target In 2015