10th Man Manifesto

  The Seattle Mariners are, objectively, one of the least successful franchises in Major League Baseball.  They are one of two teams never to play in a World Series.  Through 2014, they have the third lowest winning percentage among Major League franchises; trailing only the Rays and the Padres.  And, perhaps most viscerally for Mariner [...]

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Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies Available for Pre-Order!

The book was originally titled "Exposing Google Maps" but has been retooled quite a bit and is now titled Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies and covers a wide range of topics. It will be available on July 15th, but you can pre-order your copy today! Stay tuned for dates for signing events and TV [...]

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CyberDust | Mark Cuban's Privacy Keystroke Of Genius

The tension between technology and privacy is not new.  Imagine the excitement of the first man to hold a pair of binoculars, before the world knew that such a thing could even exist.  He could see what others thought was safely hidden.  (Boobs, one only assumes.)  Granted, the power to invade privacy with complete freedom [...]

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Hacking LinkedIn and my surprising discovery

I really need to find a better hobby. Apparently, normal people don't think about website behaviors nor do they try to exploit them like some damn child prodigy looking at a crypto puzzle in a Bruce Willis Movie (Mercury Rising). I'm not saying I am a child prodigy by any means. I am 31. This [...]

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