The Office of Personnel Management and Department of Interior were originally thought to be the only agencies breached, but now the reports are showing it could be much worse.

Government officials are saying that nearly every federal government agency was hit by the hackers. They went on to say that this could be the biggest cyber attack in U.S. history.

The reason that it was not previously known was that the types, styles and signatures of the attacks were changed from target to target so they didn’t look like the same attack or source.

Officials are also saying that they strongly believe that this was the work of the Chinese government, which the Chinese government called irresponsible allegations.

The hackers who are allegedly working for the Chinese government / military are reported to be assembling a massive database of American citizens. If this database does exist and is being put together by hackers in the Chinese government or military, we know they are not going to be using it for good. Worst case scenario involves completely overhauling Social Security numbers, which one can’t even fathom in terms of scope or cost to the American tax payer.

There will undoubtedly be more to come in these stories as information gets to the public.  For those who have worked for the federal government or still currently do, ask your chain of command for instructions or follow the news for any new developments.

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