Users of the popular Android operating system are all vulnerable to “the mother of all Android vulnerabilities” in which a simple text message can give hackers complete control of your phone.

The worst part, is that you don’t necessarily need to open the text message for the hackers to gain control of your device. This flaw was uncovered by security firm Zimperium, and the text message contains a video file. In the code for the video file is a string of malicious code that then activates once received. You don’t even have to watch the video to have your phone taken over.

Long story short is that if hackers send out this malicious code to every Android phone right now, they could gain access to your phone.

Zimperium has stated that the flaw has not been exploited by hackers, yet.

Google has been notified has is working on a fix. The amount of devices affected is astronomical. This bug affects any device running Android in the last five years, according to Zimperium.  In 2015 alone, more than 1.1 billion devices will be shipped, according to industry analysts IDC.

If you have an Android device, update it now!

This is quite similar to the recent iPhone text message hacking story from a few weeks ago.