What Are AltCoins & How Can You Learn About Them

The arrival of Bitcoin in 2009 revolutionised the digital payments industry.

As the world’s first decentralised digital currency, Bitcoin went on to establish cryptocurrency in the mainstream consciousness.

Since 2009, a variety of cryptocurrencies have been created as alternatives to Bitcoins. These are typically referred to as “Altcoins”, a portmanteau of the words “alternative” and “Bitcoin”. Some of the more popular altcoins are “Litecoin” and “Dogecoin”.

Altcoins are gaining market share slowly but surely. A number of experts have pointed out that Bitcoins are not without flaws. Altcoins build on the foundation laid by Bitcoins, but have the advantage of circumventing these flaws. The biggest alt coin would be ETH (Ethereum.org) which has the 2nd biggest market share after Bitcoin. Some people believe that it’s value could be worth $2000+ in 2018.

Additionally, altcoins can be made by anybody, even you. Many organisations create branded altcoins for a variety of reasons. This creates the need for a marketplace where altcoins can be listed and traded publicly. An open marketplace assures security, safety and transparency.

What is TokenMarket? 

TokenMarket is a marketplace for altcoins and blockchain-based assets. Their vision is that decentralised cryptocurrency is a great investment option. TokenMarket is lead by five experienced blockchain experts.

TokenMarket also offers services that help companies create their own tokens and altcoins.

A cursory glance of the ICO Calendar on TokenMarket reveals that many organisations have created their own altcoins that can be bought, sold or traded. These altcoins can be used for a variety of purposes, including giving backers a tradeable digital asset.

At the time of writing, TokenMarket featured 615 blockchain assets.

Advantages of Using TokenMarket

While TokenMarket is not the first ICO marketplace, it definitely brings a few advantages to the table, especially for new users.

Firstly, users can create their own tokens and launch ICOs via TokenMarket. In addition to helping in the creation unique new tokens, TokenMarket helps in distribution, managing ICOs and a variety of other services. They offer secure technology for sales, understand global compliance and will help you every step of the way.

Secondly, TokenMarket is selective about the ICOs that are launched on its website. They field several dozens of inquires per day. As a result, organisations are requested to share their business plan, team introductions, web link, current budget and available funding. The TokenMarket team then reviews the documents before embarking on any business discussion. On a tangent, listing ICOs on TokenMarket is free, but all new listing proposals are manually verified.

As a result, users can engage with ICOs without fear. The token sales that are featured on the website have already been vetted and are constantly moderated. Users will also find the wealth of information that TokenMarket provides heartening. This will give you the insight needed to make the right decision.

Thirdly, TokenMarket offers an inbuilt wallet feature that allows people to manage their digital assets. The wallet is so user-friendly that even individuals with no technical experience can use it with ease. You will be notified of all transactions that occur, such as deposits, withdrawals and the completion of ICOs.

Additionally, withdrawals from the wallet can only be made by two-factor authentication. This protects you from being hacked or phished. The wallet is compatible with Ethereum ERC 20 Token Standard.

Finally, TokenMarket also offers users the option of sending notifications and “following” specific ICOs. You won’t have to worry about constantly checking in or missing specific ICOs or information about new listings.

As a result, as a new user, you can rest easy and focus all your energy on selecting the right ICO to participate in.

The Token Investor

Another place to learn about ICO’s is a new website launched called The Token Investor. The Token Investor is a blog that reviews upcoming ICO’s and shares an honest verdict on whether to bother investing. Whilst there are plenty of ICO launch websites it’s nice to read actual reviews from real investors who can share an opinion. That’s one of the reasons that Reddit threads on ICO’s are so big because people want real opinions.

The Verdict 

The world of cryptocurrency is certainly growing and getting the attention of many. Bitcoin is very much going mainstream now and it hopefully won’t be long until we see it being accepted in stores for purchases. That being said you should always be careful of new ICOs and do your research using the websites I have mentioned.

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